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2 years ago

Doge-mining.top Newsletter

Our website Doge-mining.top has helped 150,000+ customers and mined nearly 10 million dogecoins for now. Why do we insist on mining dogecoin and holding? Check out the latest big news about Dogecoin.

1. Elon Musk has struck a deal to acquire Twitter for US$44 billion. What does it mean to cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin?Musk had hinted at a possible integration of the world's largest meme token into Twitter. Elon Musk is famous to move cryptocurrencies' prices, especially Dogecoin with his cryptic and controversial Tweets. According to data from a blockchain analytics firm into the block, crypto whales are hovering over Dogecoin suggesting a big move in the future. Big transactions of over US$100,000 have reached a four-month high, indicating increased whale trade.

2. Luxury retail brand Gucci has reportedly embraced payments in the form of cryptocurrencies(including dogecoin) in some stores operated in North America.

3. Dogecoin price is traversing a popularly bullish pattern, a breakout from which, could result in explosive gains for early investors. After four weeks of trying and failing, DOGE is currently extremely close to breaking out and triggering the uptrend.

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